Gemini 9″ 6-Chamber Adjustable Air Bed

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If you are looking for a better night’s sleep, look no further than this 6-chamber adjustable air bed with traditional quilted cover. Tri-zone comfort foam adds to the all night soothing support. Two wired LCD hand controls are standard and allow both you and your partner to personalize the comfort and support of your lumbar area separately from your head and feet.

Six Zone Individual Support

6” adjustable air chambers allow for personalized comfort and support for each side of the bed.

2” Comfort Foam

High density comfort foam provides contouring comfort and support. Tri-Zone sculpted construction enhances lumbar support.

Two Ergonomic LCD Hands Controls

Experience instant adjustability with brilliant color graphics, numerical Support Index from 1-100, auto fill and memory. Separate Lumbar adjustment.


Indulge yourself in luxury with the Thomasville® Orion 6-chamber adjustable air bed. Traditional memory foam and cooling gel memory foam combine to provide a perfect balance of responsiveness and proper alignment for healthy, pressure free support. Exclusive patent pending STAY COOL channel venting features multiple channels sculpted directly into the foam's surface to allow for refreshing air flow and circulation. Six independent adjustable air chambers include a separate adjustable lumbar section on each side to allow both you and your partner to experience personalized comfort and support from head to toe. Control exactly how soft or firm your side of the bed becomes with your state-of-the art LCD hand control. Return to your ideal Support Index® each night and wake up each day feeling refreshed and recharged.

  • Multi Zone Adjustable Individual Air Chambers
  • Separate Lumbar Adjustment
  • 3'' STAY COOL Channel Vented Gel Memory Foam
  • 2'' Open Cell Memory Foam
  • Anti-Microbial Washable Foam Sleeve
  • 8.5'' High Density Foam Support Tray
  • Friction Free Tricot Support Tray Cover
  • Two LED Hand Controls
  • Adjustable from 1-100 in Single Digit Increments
  • Contemporary Poly/Cotton Cover
  • IntelliTemp Temperature Regulating Technology
  • Grey Poly/Cotton Fabric Side Panels
  • Non-Slip Bottom Fabric
  • Zippered Removable/Drycleanable Cover
  • 14'' Mattress Profile
  • 25 Year Warranty

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