Operetta 660 luxury air bed6 Air Chambers for personalized adjustable firmness

6 heavy duty vulcanized rubber air chambers allow for personalized, adjustable firmness for both sides of the bed as well as separate independent adjustment of both lumbar regions.

Vinyl safety liner

This friction-free surface improves mattress durability and prevents moisture transfer to foam support tray.

Plush lyocell cotton stretch cover

Patented tri-zone lumbarpedic natural fiber cotton cover is extremely resilient with long lasting durability, breathability and naturally dissipates moisture for healthy comfort.

Splendor250 - Visco Memory FoamStaypure™ removable drycleanable cover

Completely zip off the cover for easy access to mattress and drycleaning. Ensures you always have a clean, hygienic sleep environment.

6-ChamberHandControlSupport tray

8.5” profile, high density foam perimeter support prevents edge sag and makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Multi-zone memory foam comfort layer

3” of memory foam molds to your body shape and weight for increased circulation and support. Increased density in the lumbar region provides increased support in the center third of the mattress.

Micropure™ fabric sleeve

Patent pending anti-micobial, washable stretch satin sleeve with vinyl moisture barrier protects the air mattress and reduces friction.

6-Chamber Air Bed

Stylish, ergonomically-designed hand controls Color graphics, single digit adjustment of head, foot and lumbar, auto-fill and memory make this remote most user friendly.

20 year warranty

2 year full, 18 year prorated warranty reflects premium quality and workmanship.